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At Shirley On The James River

Description: “Shirley is a typical manor house of the middle Colonial period, two and a half stories in height, with walls from three to four feet thick. It is the ancestral home of the Carters who still live there, and it antedates the other James River mansions since the tomb of one ancestor gives the

Landing At Jamestown in 1607

Landing At Jamestown in 1607″ Description: “No. 3 Landing At Jamestown in 1607. The colonists in their ships (Card No. 2) were driven between the Virginia Capes by a violent storm in April 1607. They named the Capes ‘Henry’ and ‘Charles’, after the sons of their king. A party landed at Cape Henry on April

Camp Stuart

Marker ID: Local Title: Camp Stuart Location: 16th Street and Roanoke Avenue, Newport News VA Description: “World War I, Camp Stuart, named for General JEB Stuart (1833-1864), was America’s largest troop handing facility. It was run by Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation July 1917 to Sept. 1919 on 300 acres leased from the Old Dominion

At Brandon On The James River

Description: “Brandon is a veritable English country house, encompassed by broad lawns, and shadowed by magnolias. It has been in the Harrison family since its foundation over 150 years ago. The house contains an art gallery of famous paintings, a quantity of rare plate, furniture and works of art. The blinds and exterior woodwork are

James River

Marker ID: K311 Title: James River Location: Isle of Wight County, Rte. 17 at the south end of the James River bridge. Description: “The James River flows about 340 miles from the junction of the Jackson and Cowpasture rivers in Botetourt County to Hampton Roads at the Chesapeake Bay. In 1607 the first permanent English

Penny Postcards

This site is our effort to document the history of our region. One method of documenting this history is through our postcard collection. Think about it for a minute … American history begins in Hampton Roads, a strong Military presence has been part of our life since our genesis as a nation, and we have

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Description: “Reputed to be more than 300 years old The Adam Thoroughgood House is considered one of the finest examples of Seventeenth-Century brickwork in Virginia. This tourist attraction is located in the Bayside Burrough of the city.”