Beaches & Resorts

Buckroe Beach (3): Buckroe was used as a fishing camp until after the Civil War when a boarding house for summer visitors was opened in 1883. The next year a public bathhouse was built and tourists were brought in horse-drawn carriages. In 1897 a local entrepreneur extended his trolley line to Buckroe, opened a hotel, a pavilion for dancing and an amusement park. The 1920 carousel from the Amusement Park has been restored by the City of Hampton.
Ocean View (20): Ocean View predates the City of Norfolk by almost 50 years. Originally settled by Thomas Willoughby in 1625, Ocean View has been in the forefront of many activities. In 1910 the first flight from the cruiser Birmingham occurred off Newport News Point. After skimming the water Eugene Ely landed on Willoughby Beach. Ocean View was annexed by Norfolk in 1923.
Virginia Beach (26): Virginia Beach can trace its history to before Jamestown. The colonists first set foot in the “New World” on April 26, 1607, at what they named Cape Henry. Three days later they returned from Jamestown and conducted the first religious ceremony in America. Virginia Beach has been a popular resort since the early 20th century and remains a popular family tourist destination today.