Landing At Jamestown in 1607

Landing At Jamestown in 1607″

Description: “No. 3 Landing At Jamestown in 1607. The colonists in their ships (Card No. 2) were driven between the Virginia Capes by a violent storm in April 1607. They named the Capes ‘Henry’ and ‘Charles’, after the sons of their king. A party landed at Cape Henry on April 26th, but were driven back to their boat by the Indians; as they approached the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay the storm had spent its force, and they called the place ‘Point Comfort’. The ships then entered and sailed up the river, stopping at Hampton, and here and there looking for a good site for a colony, finally selecting a low peninsula, half buried in the tide at high water. Here they landed on May 13, 1607, and gave the place the name of Jamestown, and the river then known as Powhatan the name of James River, in honor of the king, James I of Great Britain. The

instructions of the king and the laws for the government of the colony were placed in a sealed casket with orders that it not be opened until they landed for settlement.”

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